Art classes in SPORTACademy

What can be more entertaining and useful than painting? This activity boost child's imagination, contributes to better coordination and simply helps to express oneself and discover the world around. SPORTACademy offers painting classes for kids starting from 3 years old.

Why choosing arts classes for your kid? Painting and drawing is one of the most widespread activities that makes up for fully-fledged development. First, it improves imagination and allows kid to express emotions. Secondly, it helps to calm down, teaches concentration and patience. Thirdly, painting in groups allows kids communicating and exchanging thoughts. Painting is essential for mental and psychological growth, no matter how old your child is.

We perform lessons so that kids would stay engaged and never get bored. They will have a lot of interesting materials for creation: watercolors, gouache, plasticine and playdough, pencils and other stuff. Bright colors and materials of different texture appeal to children and let them express themselves in many ways. Our tutors encourage every little student and teach:

  • drawing techniques,
  • handcraft;
  • origami;
  • modeling and sculpture.

Decorative art and painting promote creative thinking and improve kids’ mood. On our lessons, children enjoy both painting and communicating. SPORTACademy classes will surely open up creative potential of your girl or boy!

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