Language classes in SPORTACademy

For easier and faster integration into American culture, your child needs to learn local languages while developing the knowledge of his native language. How to combine these courses and make them interesting? SPORTACademy offers English, Spanish and Russian language classes for 3 years old kids and their older peers. Our lessons are truly engaging and useful for little students.

Enjoyable lessons with peers

With our language program your kid will emerge into the culture and get motivation to learn new things. We turn the classes into a gamefield: children get knowledge through playing. They sing, draw, guess, discuss different topics and share their opinion. Toys and table games are welcomed. When spending time with their classmates and learning in friendly atmosphere, children are motivated better.

Being in relaxed and fun-filled environment, kids feel free and may learn without much stress and loading. Ensuring that every lesson is a joy we also help our students to understand and love different culture promoting easier adaptation to it.

Our advantages

What makes our language classes for kids preferable is:

  • The recent methods and advanced learning technologies are used for every age group.
  • Our qualified teachers have years of experience. The team includes both Russian speaking and native English specialists.
  • We combine communication, technologies and playing to reach the best results. Children quickly switch from one activity to another without stressing out.
  • Variety of audio and video elements and active interaction make every kid participate and avoid being bored.

We offer both individual and group classes. Our groups are pretty small, so teachers can focus on every kid and adjust the program according to every one's preferences.

With SPORTACademy, your kid has all chances to learn new language successfully. Who said that classes cannot be fun?

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