Yoga classes in SPORTACademy

Want to find a hobby that would be both useful and gripping for your kid? Introduce your son or daughter to yoga! This is a great chance to acquire healthy lifestyle habits, learn self-discipline and establish foundation for fit future.

Being one of the oldest disciplines, yoga has now become a buzzword around the world: it’s at the peak of popularity, and kids get involved, as well. Why yoga is an optimal choice for your girl or boy?

  1. It offers hundreds of different poses: from simple and easy ones to more complicated. Therefore, kids starting from 3-4 years may practice yoga and learn its basics.
  2. Yoga teaches kids breathing techniques, self and mind control, group working and discipline.
  3. This kind of activity is suitable for children with different health conditions: the risk of injuries and stress is minimal.
  4. This is real fun for children, because they perform different exercises, interact with each other and their trainer, and listen to calming, melodic music.

All in all, yoga is a cool chance to combine the useful with the pleasing. Abundance of activities and different asanas (positions) will definitely appeal to your kid.

SPORTACademy offers yoga classes for kids of different ages. Our qualified teachers will make sure that every child gets enough attention and learns to perform new positions correctly. Reaching peace of body, our little students get piece of mind for optimal development.

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